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The government had launched SCOPE ( The Society for Creation of Opportunity through Proficiency in English) programmes to promote the Queen's language among Gujaratis.
Though cabinet minister Arun Jaitley and Smriti Irani represent Gujarat in the Rajya Sabha, they cannot be technically called Gujaratis.
I thank everybody present here and all the Gujaratis for providing me this opportunity of serving you all," he added.
Williams collectively commends the authors of this book for capturing Gujaratis "at an important juncture of their influence in India and abroad, and understanding their current local, national and transnational realities".
Muscat: There is some good news for Gujaratis, especially for Kutch residents living in Muscat.
Many Gujaratis live in the area served by the Trust and if staff can develop a deeper understanding of the needs of the community, we will inevitably improve our services to them.
As with the chapter on overseas Indians, Sowell articulates and explicates differences among groups - East European and German Jews in one case, Gujaratis, Chettyars, and Tamils in the other.
So, did NavinMail really make a difference in the lives of Gujaratis affected by the quake?
Around 25 million PIOs live in 130 countries and as many as six million of them are Gujaratis.
However, a journalist with a Gujarati TV channel, waiting to attend a press conference to be addressed by union minister Anand Sharma, at the Congress office, said, "Everyone understands that Narendra Modi has certainly brought development to the state but deep down every Gujarati knows that this is possible only because Gujaratis as a community are extremely hardworking, innovative and are not a laid back society.
24 ( ANI ): Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari while attending the fifth roundtable on broadcast organized by CII on Friday, said that the Gujarat Government has been running for the welfare of four to five capitalists since the past 10 years, and not for five crore Gujaratis, also tagging Modi as a fascist.