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 (go͞o′lər, gyo͞o′-)
Of, relating to, or located on the throat.

[Latin gula, throat + -ar.]


(ˈɡuːlə; ˈɡjuː-)
(Anatomy) anatomy of, relating to, or situated in the throat or oesophagus
[C19: from Latin gula throat]
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The hoofs of his horse often threatened the heads of the running men, but they scampered with sin- gular fortune.
The matrix block presents a natural external mould of the ventral side of the skull including mandibles, submandibular plates, lateral and median gulars, part of the shoulder girdle, a fragment of the pectoral fin and squamation of the anterior part of the body.
We need to f up u space and provide fre ch c allenges for last seaso re r gulars.
Plastron scutes: gulars = gu, humeral = hu, pectorals = pec, abdominals = ab, femorals = fe, annals = an.
2 times broader than long, posteriorly in contact with anterior chinshields; anterior chinshields well developed, about twice as long as wide, median suture equal to about half of scale length; posterior chinshields distinct from gulars, about twice as long as wide, median suture equal to about 3/4 of scale length; posterior chinshields separated from first ventral by 4 gulars plus 3 preventrals; infralabials 7/7, 1-4 contacting anterior chinshields, fourth largest and contacting posterior chinshields; dorsal scales disposed in 15 smooth rows throughout length of body; dorsal scales in 6 rows at level of tenth subcaudal; no apical pits apparent; ventrals 238 (following Dowling 1951); anal divided; subcaudals 16, paired; cap scale about 1.
1F, 8D, 8E) consists of: parietals, frontal, prefrontals and nasals cream, and narrowly edged with brown; singular, large brown, posteriorly pointed spot in center of each parietal; temporals cream, with variegated brown markings; supralabials cream, posteriormost four with black, posteroventrally pointed edge on dorsolateral surface; infralabials and gulars patternless.
emAnd there has been b Aller Joe Casey, with caling he was only doin sayi message posted on Fa A Lees and re-posted Bobbiesaid: "We would like J re r gulars sfriends are behind hall his cent.
vanderhaegei); nostrils (snout) much more prominent than any other toadhead; barbels small (as in all Batrachemys; not as large as Phrynops); the widest parietal roof in any toadhead (over 30% HW in juveniles); 5-8 neural bones (as in Phrynops; more than Mesoclemmys and Batrachemys); the first neural touching the proneural (as in Phrynops); the intergular wider than the gulars (as with all toadheads but R.
Sin gular leaves the strong impression that Kathleen Sebelius-one of the most extreme defenders of restriction-free abortion in Kansas when she was governor, the sort of cafeteria-Catholic who abhors capital punishment but embraces euthanasia and abortion--owes her elevation to Obama's secretary of Health and Human Services to her protection of Tiller and others like him.