Gulf of Finland

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Noun1.Gulf of Finland - an eastern arm of the Baltic Sea; between Finland and Estonia
Baltic, Baltic Sea - a sea in northern Europe; stronghold of the Russian navy
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This Braithwaite Lowery, I knew his father, lost in the Lively off Greenland in `20, or Andrew Woodhouse, drowned in the same seas in 1777, or John Paxton, drowned off Cape Farewell a year later, or old John Rawlings, whose grandfather sailed with me, drowned in the Gulf of Finland in `50.
In this respect the Gulf of Finland offers unique possibilities for marine modellers: it has a measurement site at Kalbadagrund (an offshore lighthouse in the central part of the gulf, approximately 20 km from the Finnish archipelago) where wind properties are virtually not affected by the archipelago and the mainland.
Recent research [1] has shown that the best existing 3D scientific circulation models are able to replicate the major features of the hydrophysical fields of the Gulf of Finland and to resolve the most important features of the dynamics of currents in this basin.
The two countries are separated by the Gulf of Finland and developer FinEst Link says it will create a metropolitan twin-city region of three million inhabitants, if plans move forward.
Corded Ware tradition spread into the Gulf of Finland region in the 3rd millennium BC (Nordqvist & Hakala 2014, 22; Krijska et al.
The Summer Book by Tove Jansson is the story of an artist grandmother and her six-yearold granddaughter who spend a summer together on a tiny island in the Gulf of Finland.
However, the Russian defense ministry denied any airspace violations and said that a Su-27 jet was on a training mission over the neutral waters of the Gulf of Finland on Thursday.
After an overnight stay and tour of the Finnish capital, embark on the MS Princess Maria across the Gulf of Finland to St Petersburg for a guided tour of the fantastic city.
The first reading of the Bill on the Ratification of the State Border Treaty between the Republic of Estonia and the Russian Federation and the Treaty on the Delimitation of Maritime Areas of Narva Bay and the Gulf of Finland between the Republic of Estonia and the Russian Federation was concluded in the Riigikogu on Nov.
Scientific studies of the general circulation in the Gulf of Finland date back to the late 1890s (see [2,3] for references), originally based on data collected from lightships and regular oceanographic cruises.
The mock strike in 2013 involved a fleet of Vladimir Putin's fighter bombers approaching Swedish airspace from the Gulf of Finland.