Gulf of Tehuantepec

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Noun1.Gulf of Tehuantepec - an arm of the Pacific in southern Mexico
Mexico, United Mexican States - a republic in southern North America; became independent from Spain in 1810
Pacific, Pacific Ocean - the largest ocean in the world
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The Gulf of Tehuantepec experiment (GOTEX) obtained, by airborne lidar measurements, the wave elevation over swaths 5 km long and 200 m wide.
The loading buoy--one of several offshore installations used by PEMEX to load oil on to taker ships at sea--sank near the Salina Cruz refinery, causing oil to spill into the Gulf of Tehuantepec.
Age and growth of the sailfish Istiophorus platyoterus (Istiophoridae) in the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico.
Campeche Bank [female] 232-246 (1993) [female] 225 Del Rosario Pacific coast of [female] 176 (1998) Guatemala [female] 178 Ronquillo Gulf of Tehuantepec, [female] 180 (1999) Mexico Cadena (2001) Gulf of California, [female] 180 Mexico [female] 180 Present study West Coast of Baja [female] 180 California Sur, Mexico [female] 182
The most intense events, known as Nortes, are associated with intense winds over the Gulf of Tehuantepec, due to a strong meridional pressure gradient between the low pressure of the northeastern Pacific and the high pressure of the midlatitude wave.