n.1.Act of being gulled.
Had you no quirk.
To avoid gullage, sir, by such a creature?
- B. Jonson
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Contractor address : 8 Gullage Avenue, Corner Brook, NL A2H 7J4,
Gullage and her husband, John, of Billerica; her companion of more than 30 years, Paul J.
He also toured the mining community of Bell Island, Conception Bay, and travelled from Port aux Basques along the hard-hit south coast of Newfoundland aboard the SS Glencoe, a coastal boat under the command of Captain John Gullage.
For Farmers Insurance, which licenses models from AIR and RMS, a regionalized approach to modeling helps determine expected losses on its balance sheet and "probabilistic outputs of frequently expected events," said Vice President of Reinsurance Derek Gullage.
Peter Gullage, "Come-By-Chance Refinery Vows to Cut Emissions" (Platt's Oilgram News, August 5, 1998).
The Connector DFM Guidelines are the culmination of lessons learned during the more than four years of applications experience with VHDM and VHDM-HSD," said Jack Gullage, Teradyne's Applications Engineering Manager.
The small, curious world of Gullage's begins with Jimmy Gullage (Frank Barry) losing his father's taxi stand in a card game to a venal, bestial refugee from the outport town of Dildo, Pis Parsons (Michael Wade).
William MacGillivray's Gullages, the first national CBC series to be made in Newfoundland, premieres.