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Hinged at the top so as to swing upward. Used of a type of automobile door.
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Fortunately the odds of that happening are pretty small because you don't often see new Gullwings on the road.
Which was just as well because when I drove the Gullwing I was a bit disappointed.
For one thing those clever and stylish Gullwing doors can get a bit annoying because getting in and out of the car is a bit of a fiddle.
Regarding the fault spectrum for all chip component solder joints, the highest defect type is shorts with 47 percent, followed by opens with 26 percent, unlike the gullwings.
This information revealed that the most common joint types in the data sample were gullwing, with around 396 million joints, followed by joints at chip components, with around 273 million joints.
Gullwing has the second most defects on a ppm basis.
Sadly, there's a problem: the old Gullwings are expensive.
Then it was the fastest production car in the world and could do 160mph if a brave enough driver could be found to try it because the Gullwing was apparently a bit of a handful.
Mercedes-Benz is calling the car the SLS AMG but no doubt everyone will call it the Gullwing because that's the car that obviously inspired it.
We've had everything from exotic gullwings that swing up on supercars to chin a waiting supermodel to the stupid doors on the Ford GT which open conventionally but have half the roof attached.
Still running old school Gullwing like Ben Schroeder and dudes from Florida?
Yes, I was stuck on Indys for a month when my board was stolen with my last set of Gullwing magnesiums on it.