Gum wood

the wood of any gum tree, esp. the wood of the Eucalyptus piperita, of New South Wales.

See also: Gum

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Buenaventura: We cook steaks the simple, traditional way, using charcoal and gum wood as our heat source.
A few original details are still present, though--the gum wood paneling in the living room, now painted a deep dusty blue, and the old bank vault door in the basement--yes, it has a base-ment--which leads to a store room.
He carves high detail birds with tupelo gum wood and paints them with oils or acrylics, and more.
The interior is constructed from River Red Gum wood (a type of eucalyptus) sourced from a local plantation, and rattan is used to fabricate the individual pods.
Figure 6 shows ruptured ray cells in radiata pine and blue gum wood.
8 kW solar photovoltaic system, to incorporating reclaimed red gum wood floors from a barn in the Midwest so that no new trees were cut, Doug thought of everything.
Built in 1926 for the owners of Oxnard's telephone exchange, this Spanish colonial revival home boasts original fixtures in the bathroom, a kitchen remodeled in period style and gum wood moldings, as well as casement windows.