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a Wellington boot



a rubber boot usu. extending to the calf or knee.
[1840–50, Amer.]
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The minister also sought Indian support for children food, dry food, gumboot, fuel and raincoat, and particularly child delivery materials for 30,000 pregnant women.
The choice of dance was a form of South African dance named gumboot dancing.
And for a true Kiwi experience, finish the day with a spot of gumboot throwing and sheep shearing.
For hoofers interested in taking step dance and the style it's based on, gumboot dance, look no further than Jakari Sherman's classes.
Featuring African-American "stepping" and South African dances, including Gumboot (Isicathulo) Indlamu, Step Afrika
The style, described as Gumboot Dances, incorporates traditional and contemporary forms of South African dance, with their interpretation of the mining regions being quite a crowd pleaser.
It is an explosion of dance and music with traditional instruments - the Djembe drums, whistles and cowbells - catching the rhythm and spirit of the African songs and dances - the Gumboot, Indiamu and Muchongoyo.
The haunting music is made more memorable by vibrant jazz with a thread of gospel music running through the tale recalls, while explosions of gumboot dancing complete this unforgettable experience.
Capella and dance group Black Umfolosi will be performing the hard-hatted gumboot dances of southern Africa on Tuesday.
The guide also describes the group as akin to Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and says one feature of its shows is a South African miners' gumboot dance.
It tells the story of black South African music, from tribal songs to the gumboot dances of the gold mines and from gospel music to jazz.
Umoja bounds into the vintage township pop and jazz styles of mbaqanga, flirts with a Car Wash-inspired jumble of 1970s characters, then sweeps up to the spiritual heights of acapella gospel and, of course, indulges in a spate of gumboot dancing.