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A small candy made of sweetened, colored, and flavored gum arabic or gelatin and often coated with sugar.


(Cookery) a small jelly-like sweet containing gum arabic and various colourings and flavourings. Also called (esp Brit): gum



a small candy made of sweetened and flavored gum arabic, gelatin, or the like.
[1855–60, Amer.]
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Noun1.gumdrop - a jellied candy coated with sugar crystals
candy, confect - a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts
jujube - chewy fruit-flavored jellied candy (sometimes medicated to soothe a sore throat)


[ˈgʌmdrɒp] Npastilla f de goma
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31, for those who owe fines for overdue books at the Carnegie Library, they can erase the fines by returning books and bringing in food items from the required list, for Gumdrops, a program that provides weekend care packages for local students.
Cotton candy clouds hang from the ceiling, while delicately crafted gingerbread houses and gingerbread men jostle with giant frosted gumdrops on garlands overlooking the mall's atrium.
Demi was always smiling and we would corner Baby Bop and sing together the Barney song 'If all the rain drops were lemon drops and gumdrops oh what a day that would be,'" Janes-Love, who owns the beauty salon "Julie Loves Hair," in Texas, recalled.
With three performances of the youth ACT production of Marmalade Gumdrops by Carol Lauck -- a show for kids by kids -- young people can feel the exciting pulse of using their imagination.
The school featured several work stations where children of all ages were donned in yellow construction hats, and encouraged to build towers, houses, and communities made out of sugar cubes, uncooked spaghetti, cardboard, and gumdrops, just to name some items.
Plastic knives and spoons Large coffee filters Large, round soft tortillas Chocolate or vanilla icing Oreo cookies Gumdrops Twizzlers Orange slices Skittles Big Chew bubble gum Cheese ball puffs Peach slices Fine candy sprinkles Large square graham crackers (if creating plant cells) Pie trays Apples Grapes Marshmallows Toothpicks/naming flags Long pretzel sticks
After installation at a private site, or on a street, the Gumdrops are used until full, before being sent back to Gumdrop Ltd.
In 90 minutes of well-paced and cleverly plotted drama the series six finale just about had the lot - laughter, tears, romance, intrigue, suspense, misery, life-affirmation and golly gumdrops.
In 90 minutes of well-paced and cleverly plotted drama, the series six climax just about had the lot - laughter, tears, romance, intrigue, suspense, misery, lifeaffirmation and golly gumdrops.
Made in the Netherlands and sold throughout Europe, Candy Pizza consists of a marzipan "crust" base topped with Swedish Fish, gummies, gumdrops and other candy treats.
Then I moved to the more conventional: tinctures, extracts, candy, chewing gum, gumdrops, lozenges, cream, lip balm, throat spray, oral spray, nasal spray, mouthwash, body powder, toothpaste, and airborne diffusion.