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Noun1.gun turret - a self-contained weapons platform housing guns and capable of rotationgun turret - a self-contained weapons platform housing guns and capable of rotation
weapons platform, platform - any military structure or vehicle bearing weapons
armored combat vehicle, armoured combat vehicle, army tank, tank - an enclosed armored military vehicle; has a cannon and moves on caterpillar treads
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The pupils gained so much from their trek, especially from the instructors who pointed out everything from edible plants to World War Two gun turrets.
Elsewhere SCH's cranes were used in the manoeuvre of 19-ton gun turrets on to a fleet of frigates sold to the Indonesian Navy be BAE Marine.
Giant gun turrets and propellers, a torpedo-damaged hull and a plane wing resting on silt were among the images beamed live by an unmanned mini-submarine from about a kilometre (0.
He served in the Korean Theater, maintaining gun turrets on Air Force combat planes.
After watching a very loud battle experience reenactment in one of the gun turrets, I told Jesse how my grandpa had been in the navy.
Families picnicked near a parked school bus and listened to Spanish-language radio, not paying attention to the seven-person patrol as it powered through the water in a vessel with machine gun turrets.
The plot he originally bought is about 20 acres and he now has planning permission for all the gun turrets, which were part of a barracks established to protect Glasgow during WWII.
It was largely underground, had numerous bunkers, and was surrounded by heavily armed gun turrets protecting the bridges Germans had to cross.
On weekdays, the 90-minute Fire Power tour, a historical journey through the Battleship's gun turrets and weapon systems, is fun for visitors of all ages.
Flamethrowers, pulse rifles and the robotic gun turrets.
It's classic isometric arcade-shooter gameplay at its finest, as you run and shoot in all directions, collecting a host of different guns, grenades, gun turrets and health packs to help you defeat the vicious enemies that lie in wait, before taking on the thrilling alien bosses.
No six-inch gun turrets survive in England and very few other types either, again English Heritage came to the rescue with the offer of a gun turret located in a field in Gloucester.