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Noun1.gunny sack - a bag made of burlapgunny sack - a bag made of burlap      
bag - a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"
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I feel more like a citizen of the world at the sight of the palm-leaf which will cover so many flaxen New England heads the next summer, the Manilla hemp and cocoanut husks, the old junk, gunny bags, scrap iron, and rusty nails.
This year, Achhro Thar and Kachho had also been added to the list of wheat recipients, he said, adding that so far, 60,000 gunny bags had been shifted to Tharparkar and more stock would be made available soon to complete the target.
Meeting asked Sindh government to finalise a plan to procurement of wheat and distribution of gunny bags to growers so to avert corruption in distribution of gunny bags as happens to be case every year.
Tenders are invited for License right to collection of gunny bags empty tins/aluminum scrap for the year 2018-2019 from 01-04-2018 to 31-03-2019
Summary: Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Feb 4 (ANI): The Cyberabad Police has announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for any information in the case of the unidentified pregnant woman, whose chopped body parts were found stuffed in two gunny bags, near the Botanical Garden area at Kondapur in Hyderabad.
The ACE authorities said on Wednesday that a complainant Manzoor Ahmad, resident of Esa Khel Mianwali, filed in his application to Director ACE, Asim Raza, that a food inspector Mohammad Afzal and supervisor Imran Aftab of food department in collusion with a private person released gunny bags and embezzled Rs 260,720 by preparing documents.
Upon searching the vehicle, police recovered 71 kilogram hashish that was stuffed in two gunny bags hidden in secret cavities of the car.
The Chief Minister inspected provision of facilities to the farmers and distribution of gunny bags at the centre.
Earlier in the day, bodies of two missing MQM activists were found in gunny bags, even as the party observed protests across the country.
The wheat growers have called upon the government to supply them gunny bags for storing the crop.
IN some shopping malls, they keep gunny bags near the pay counter with announcement to use them.
PFMA provincial chapter chairman Liaquat Ali Khan told Dawn on Monday that the millers were forced to issue the threat as the previous notification ensuring provision of wheat to the mills at Rs1,275 per 40kg, including gunny bags, had expired and the department was dilly-dallying on the issue.