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Noun1.gunny sack - a bag made of burlapgunny sack - a bag made of burlap      
bag - a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"
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Of course every boat-hand fixed a gunny sack and put it on like a bonnet, the way they do when they are toting wood, and we got one for Jake, and he slipped down aft with his hand-bag and come tramping forrard just like the rest, and walked ashore with them, and when we see him pass out of the light of the torch-basket and get swallowed up in the dark, we got our breath again and just felt grateful and splendid.
Rows and rows of shacks, huts and tents made of bamboo and plastic sheets or gunny sacks cover the slopes of muddy hills near the border with Myanmar.
While addressing the problems faced by people associated with agriculture, he said the agricultural labourers and landlords were finding it difficult to even get gunny sacks.
I sat beside her in the passenger seat, and we stashed the cases of raw milk in glass quarts and pints, half-pints of cream, and packages of butter and cottage cheese in the pickup bed, covered with wet gunny sacks.
Before bedtime, gunny sacks laden with kerosene were placed in a circle around the sheep to keep the coyotes from getting to the precious stock left to her watch.
LAHORE -- Two bodies bearing torture marks were recovered from gunny sacks in Liaquatabad area of Lahore on Thursday, Local TV reported.
Police said that on examining 40 gunny sacks allegedly containing brimstone, the explosives were found.
The roses were bought and placed at the foot of the barn inside the church premises, constructed with hay and gunny sacks and a small toy figure of baby Jesus.
These concrete and steel structures, equipped with automated temperature and moisture controls, are expensive, but but they would be a vast improvement over grain storage in old-fashioned gunny sacks, which is still common in India.
We managed to get some sacks from the cooks at the cookhouse, gunny sacks that potatoes come in.
Fear gripped the city's several densely populated areas where more than two dozen bodies stuffed in gunny sacks were found and hit-and-run gunmen spread panic.
While Gary and Bob have acquired other milling equipment, such as a bran packer and auger used to pack bran into gunny sacks for livestock feed, there's still one treasure they hope to acquire.