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1. An armed aircraft, such as a helicopter, that is used to support troops and provide covering fire.
2. A ship, such as a battleship, armed with cannons or other guns.


(Military) another name for helicopter gunship



an armed helicopter or airplane used to provide close air support for combat troops.
helicóptero artilladohelicóptero de combate
hélicoptère de combat


[ˈgʌnʃɪp] Nhelicóptero m artillado or de combate
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October 8, 2017 (JUBA) - South Sudan rebels claimed their forces repulsed attempts by government forces to retake the main airstrip in Waat, Bieh state using helicopter gunships and ground troops on Sunday.
For anybody who doesn't get chance to see the apache gunships before they leave the region, there could be another rotary-winged heavyweight in the North Wales skies towards the end of August, with a possible visit from the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF).
Gunships fly every night and routinely fire their weapons in battle.
A military official said the last week's raid on the houses of two Maguindanao politicians was not an overkill, even with the use of helicopter gunships.
Air Force Special Operations Command plans to fly small, tactical offboard drones from its AC-130 gunships in combat for the first time later this year, which will give crews better views of the battlefield.
On Friday night, gunships helicopter carried out shelling on hideouts of Chotoo gang.
The coalition said gunships were part of the response to that bombardment.
It was an integrated action by cobra gunships, artillery and snipers.
Military sources said air force fighter jets and army helicopter gunships were being used to eliminate sanctuaries of the militants in the Mir Ali area of North Waziristan.
Special-mission C-130s including MC-130 bespoke cargo planes and AC-130 gunships are some of SOCOM's major procurement programs.
GAZA, May 21 (KUNA) -- Israeli gunships opened fire on Tuesday at Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of north-western Gaza Strip.
Summary: Helicopter gunships have opened fire over Aleppo on Sunday with artillery booming across the city.