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(European Myth & Legend) (in the Nibelungenlied) a king of Burgundy, allied with Siegfried, who won for him his wife Brunhild. He corresponds to Gunnar in Norse mythology


(ˈgʊn tər)

(in the Nibelungenlied) a king of Burgundy and the husband of Brunhild: corresponds to Gunnar in the Volsunga Saga.
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Charlemagne's son, Louis the Pious (778-840), founded the bishopric of Hildesheim in Lower Saxony in 815 and installed the first bishop, Gunthar (reigned 815-34).
Doktor Gunthar Rodemann and said, "Gunthar, we have both had long careers in real estate education and consulting in Germany and throughout Western Europe.
Gunthar Rodemann had a similar career up until about ten years ago when he accepted an assignment with the Germany chemical giant BASF.
s international airport, Gunthar said, "It will be good to visit Buenos Aires again, I was only here twice during my BASF years.
While sitting at an outdoor cafe, Bayern suggested, "You know, Gunthar, when I lived here on my last sabbatical, a nice zimmer in the Congrsso area could be had for 30,000 euros.
Without a working phone it was impossible to locate Gunthar.
Afterwards, Gunthar was located and the threesome walked across campus to meet their student helpers.
The Germans, naturally, were weaned on beer, but both Gunthar and Wolfgang were also fans of Canadian whiskey.
As 8 PM approached Wolf and Gunthar were still sipping whiskey and talking about dinner.
Professor Gunthar Kress, author of the report, said: 'The lessons are not about what is important in terms of English culture and tradition.
InterActual's DVDKey allows for compelling bonus feature content that delivers the vision and detail that is expected of any derivative work based on The Lord of the Rings motion picture trilogy," said Gunthar Hartwig, program director and producer for InterActual.
We are delighted that New Line Home Entertainment and Company Wide Shut rely on InterActual technology to tell a deeper story that goes beyond the theatrical or even standard DVD experience," says Gunthar Hartwig, program director at InterActual Technologies.