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1. (used with a pl. verb) A group of tribes in southern Ethiopia.
2. Any of the Semitic languages of the Gurage.
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Tenders are invited for Ward no 1, construction of rcc drain near sannidan, ward 2 construction of rcc drain to seebird road, ward 13 casting the rcc slab for open drain at lingamunga road, ward 05 pinge road abdul gurage road devolopment ward 06 costrcuction of rcc culvert for malasawada road
The remote school in Gush Koto in the Gurage Mountains in Ethiopia is just such a place.
Seasonal and altitudinal variations in fy density and their association with the occurrence of trachoma, in the Gurage zone of central Ethiopia.
Harari shares root words with Tigrinya, Amharic and Geez, and borrows words from Arabic, Somali, Oromo and Gurage (Leslau 1959).
Effectiveness of the PHE approach for achieving family planning and fertility outcomes in Ethiopia: a comparative study in the Gurage zone.
Risk, Knowledge, and Ethics in the Era of Global Health: HIV Interventions and Local Responses among the Gurage.
Its shore is nourished shore by the Bilate on the northern part which rises on the southern slopes of Mount Gurage and the Gidado.
Of the total 564 respondents, only 3 percent identified themselves as Gurage, 12 percent Oromo, 5 percent Tigre, only 6 percent said Ethiopian, 22 percent identified themselves as Amhara and the large percentage, 46 percent declined/refused to identify themselves.
Crop associations of homegardens in Welayta and Gurage in southern Ethiopia.
Entrepreneurialism as a social movement: How the Gurage became a national bourgeois class, and what that says about identity in Ethiopia.
In West Gurage (Outer Southern Ethiopian Semitic) -nn occurs before object suffixes in past tense verbs.