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n. pl. kuk·ris
A large knife with a somewhat sickle-shaped blade that is broader near its point than near the hilt, used especially by Gurkha soldiers as a weapon and cutting tool.

[Nepali khukurī, probably via Hindi khukhrī.]


n, pl -ris
(Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a knife with a curved blade that broadens towards the point, esp as used by Gurkhas
[from Hindi]
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The pair then grabbed Barry's souvenir Gurkha knife and sliced off the middle finger of his left hand and left his ring finger hanging by a thread.
Around 11pm, Hedley threw the Gurkha knife outside but had another blade which he refused to give up.
BROTHERS IN ARMS: Hugh Maclean and a ceremonial Gurkha knife, with his men, below left, and Tika Limbu, below right
Not only do the Gurkhas bring their exceptional courage, loyalty and legendary Gurkha knife, the Kukuri, into the annals of history, but also their authentic Nepalese food which can be savoured right here in Huddersfield.
I gave a kukhri Gurkha knife for auction and that raised pounds 200.
After plying her with vodka, Cuffy led the youngster to secluded woods where he tried to have sex with her before slitting her throat with a 12-inch Gurkha knife.
But the OAP, who lived alone, woke when he heard noises and grabbed a souvenir Gurkha knife before investigating.
The raider was wielding a Kukri Gurkha knife when he struck at Oakwood General Dealers, in Leam Lane, Felling, Gateshead.
Danny Considine and Iain Parkhouse burst into The Corner House in Nuneaton Road, Bulkington, after it closed and threatened staff with an axe, a Gurkha knife and a baseball bat.
Harry and Charles at Brize Norton yesterday; TRIPLE CROWN PRINCE Harry shows off his rugby skills during a desert break in Helmand; The Prince's body armour complete with a Khukuri, a traditional Gurkha knife
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