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Noun1.Gustav Robert Kirchhoff - German physicist who with Bunsen pioneered spectrum analysis and formulated two laws governing electric networks (1824-1887)
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For Max Planck, as for his teacher Gustav Kirchhoff [9], cavity radiation was independent of the nature of the enclosure.
The 20-year-old economics student, who cut his teeth at pub quizzes in the North East, got the chance to show off his knowledge of Shakespeare, palaeontology and German scientist Gustav Kirchhoff.
By cosmic coincidence, 2009 is also the sesquicentennial of astrophysics, a subfield born when Gustav Kirchhoff announced to the Berlin Academy, on 1859 October 27, that spectral lines are the unique optical signatures of chemical elements--and, moreover, that such could reveal the make-up of the untouchable Sun and stars.
the following year, and then went to the University of Heidelberg in Germany until April 1873 to study with Robert Wilhelm Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff, who jointly developed the method of spectroscopy.
In 1860, Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff demonstrated how they could identify useful elements such as iron, copper and lead, or sodium and potassium, in potential ores, by the colors that powdered specimens sprinkled into a Bunsen burner flame produced.
A long time ago, men like Gustav Kirchhoff, Johann Zollner, William Thomson (Lord Kelvin), and James Jeans viewed the photosphere (or the solar body) as existing in the liquid state [2, 3].