Gutenberg Bible

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Gu′tenberg Bi′ble

an edition of the Vulgate printed at Mainz before 1456, ascribed to Gutenberg and others: probably the first large book printed with movable type.
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The documents join the likes of the Gutenberg Bible, Magna Carta, Bayeux Tapestry and the films The Battle Of The Somme and The Wizard Of Oz on the register.
His 40-foot-high bronze doors, etched in Latin verse from the first page of Genesis in the Gutenberg Bible, form the entrance to the new Museum of the Bible in Washington.
In addition to groundbreakers such as the Gutenberg Bible and Samuel Johnson's A Dictionary of the English Language, readers will find literary rarities like Antoine de Saint-Exupery's handwritten draft of Le Petit Prince.
The King James Bible and Gutenberg Bible were written on hemp paper.
1987: The first volume of the Gutenberg Bible was sold in New York for PS3.
There are 48 priceless copies of the original Gutenberg Bible still in existence, hand-printed in the 1450s.
They have the Gutenberg Bible and David Mamet's work.
No copy had previously been auctioned since 1947, when a different copy fetched $151,000 -- a record at the time for any book, including the Gutenberg Bible or Shakespeare's First Folio.
These include both world cultural treasures such as a Gutenberg Bible and ordinary records from long-forgotten bureaucracies.
Discover treasures like the Gutenberg Bible at the Library of Congress, the only da Vinci painting in North America at the National Gallery of Art, and historic documents like the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives.