Gutierrezia microcephala

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Noun1.Gutierrezia microcephala - similar to Gutierrezia sarothrae but with flower heads having fewer rays and disk flowers
matchbush, matchweed - any of several plants of the genus Gutierrezia having tiny flower heads that resemble the heads of matches
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As Broom snakeweed Gutierrezia sarothrae As Britt& Rusby Threadleaf snakeweed Gutierrezia microcephala As (DC.
Herbivore exclosure and competitor removal: effects on juvenile survivorship and growth in the shrub, Gutierrezia microcephala.
Although most studies have focused on interspecific facilitation, Parker (1982) observed strong intraspecific associations among seedlings of Gutierrezia microcephala and conspecific adults.