v. t.1.To guile.
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Manning was born in Topeka, Kansas in 1929 and was the proud mother of Glenn Manning, Debbie Guyle, Steven Putnam, Cheryl Mayfield, and Ron Putnam.
With: Lorne Stewart, Dean McKenzie, Paula Shaw, Klodyne Rodney, Tim Henry, Rachel Hayward, Lorraine Landry, Babe Dolan, Guyle Fraizer, Oscar Goncalves, Karin Konoval, Don McKay, Walter Marsh, Ron Small, Marie Stillin, Rene Van Nullebus, Henry Watson, Timothy Webber.
There as they entered at the Scriene, they saw Some one, whose tongue was for his trespasse vyle Nayld to a post, adiudged so by law: For that therewith he falsely did reuyle, And foule blaspheme that Queene for forged guyle, Both with bold speaches, which he blazed had, And with lewd poems, which he did compyle; For the bold title of a Poet bad He on himselfe had ta'en, and rayling rymes had sprad.