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Bis noble cite of ryche enpryse Watz sodanly ful, wythouten sommoun Of such vergynez in be same gyse Bat watz my blysful an-vunder croun: And coronde wern alle of be same fasoun, Depaynt in perlez and wedez qwyte.
withoutyn syn, to lede karalys,(35) to bryng vp a new gyse, to be rebel to his
A similar device is found in Mankind 457-74, where the vices New Gyse, Nowadays, and Nought tell the audience they will not be able to see the devil Titivillus unless they contribute money; and Poverty in Skelton's Magnyfycence may have taken up a collection of money or food from the audience (see Neuse, Magnyfycence, 43-44).