carbonic acid

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car·bon·ic acid

A weak, unstable acid, H2CO3, present in solutions of carbon dioxide in water.

carbonic acid

(Elements & Compounds) a weak acid formed when carbon dioxide combines with water: obtained only in aqueous solutions, never in the pure state. Formula: H2CO3

carbon′ic ac′id

the acid, H2CO3, formed when carbon dioxide dissolves in water, found as its salts and esters, the carbonates.
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Noun1.carbonic acid - a weak acid known only in solution; formed when carbon dioxide combines with water
acid - any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt
ácido carbónico
acide carbonique
kwas węglowy

carbonic acid

[kɑːˌbɒnɪkˈæsɪd] Nácido m carbónico
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When CO2 dissolves in water, it is partially converted into carbonic acid H2CO3, which may lower the pH of meat and bring it closer to the isoelectric point of proteins.
CO2 + H2O [left and right arrow] H2CO3 [left and right arrow] [H.
Can anyone tell me if any in-depth research has been done to see if greenhouse gases are being produced when bricks, concrete, mortar, tarmac and other materials used in construction are heated by the rays of the sun or come into contact with carbonic acid, (rainwater), H2CO3 or acid rain.