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a. A simple rigid structure in the shape of an L, one arm of which is fixed to a vertical surface, the other projecting horizontally to support a shelf or other weight.
b. A small shelf or shelves supported by such structures.
2. Architecture A decorative or weight-bearing structural unit, two sides of which form a right angle with one arm flush against a wall and the other flush beneath a projecting surface, such as eaves or a bay window.
3. A wall-anchored fixture for gas or electricity.
a. A square bracket.
b. An angle bracket.
c. Mathematics See brace.
5. Chiefly British One of a pair of parentheses.
6. A classification or grouping, especially within a sequence of numbers or grades, as a category of incomes sharing the same tax rate.
7. A treelike diagram showing the matchups between competitors in different rounds of a tournament.
a. The distance between two impacting shells, the first aimed beyond a target and the second aimed short of it, used to determine the range for artillery fire.
b. The shells fired in such a manner.
tr.v. brack·et·ed, brack·et·ing, brack·ets
1. To furnish or support with a bracket or brackets.
2. To place within or as if within brackets.
3. To classify or group together.
4. To include or exclude by establishing specific boundaries.
5. To fire beyond and short of (a target) in order to determine artillery range.

[Possibly French braguette, codpiece, diminutive of brague, breeches, from Old Provençal braga, from Latin brācae, from Gaulish brāca, leg covering.]


1. (Architecture) a set of brackets
2. (Photography) photog a technique in which a series of test pictures are taken at different exposure levels in order to obtain the optimum exposure


A method of adjusting fire in which a bracket is established by obtaining an over and a short along the spotting line, and then successively splitting the bracket in half until a target hit or desired bracket is obtained.


 brackets collectively, 1876.
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