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(hɒm) ,




1. (Plants) a sacred plant of the Parsees and ancient Persians
2. (Plants) a drink made from this plant
[from Persian, from Avestan haoma]
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We've been going to other areas to do volunteerism, but we decided to do things different this year,' HOM president Gianna Montinola said.
Head of the Festivals and Expos Department at the Damascus and Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry Mohammad al-Omar said that the event was marked by the large turnout of visitors due to the stability and recovery prevailing in Homs province, with the participation of 100 national industrial companies specializing in food, fashion, and cosmetics.
Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi said more than 1,500 fighters and their relatives had left.
BEIRUT: Exhausted and worn out from a nearly two-year-long siege, hundreds of Syrian rebels Wednesday left their last remaining bastions in the heart of the city of Homs under a cease-fire deal with government forces.
The fighters will be taken a few kilometers (miles) north to the towns of Talbiseh and al-Dar al-Kabira on the northern edge of Homs province.
Later in the morning, two of the buses left Homs and headed north.
The Syrian government can now declare a victory of sorts by claiming control over two of the country's largest cities -- Homs and Damascus -- as well as the Mediterranean coast, Assad's ancestral heartland.
HOMS (TAP) - The United Nations says 83 Syrian civilians, including the elderly and children, were evacuated from rebel-held areas of the city of Homs on Friday.