Ring canal

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(Zool.) the circular water tube which surrounds the esophagus of echinoderms.

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The municipality of Haarlemmermeer in the northwest of the Netherlands has awarded a contract to company De Vier Gewesten for school transport services.
The shelter kits are also funded by the RAFI partner organizations, such as the Islamic Relief Worldwide, People in Need, Vereniging Haarlemmermeer Cebu, International Rescue Committee and Caritas Germany.
The Emirates delegation was welcomed with an arrival reception at Schiphol Airport with guests including Theo Weterings, Mayor Municipality of Haarlemmermeer and Hanne Buis, Head of Aviation Marketing, Schiphol Group.
In late 2006, project leader ProBiblio and its main partners, the Netherlands Organisation for Public Libraries and the public libraries of Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer, and Delft, began planning.
The Vooruit Foundation is behind the annual Hoofddorp Horse Show that has been held since 1909 at Haarlemmermeer.
Haarlemmermeer mayor Theo Weterings said the names of the victims will not be released until the bodies have been formally identified.
The mayor of nearby Haarlemmermeer Michel Bezuijen confirmed the death toll.
However, Michel Bezuijen, mayor of the Haarlemmermeer municipality, where the airport is located, said: "Of the 50 people injured, 25 were seriously injured.
Haarlemmermeer acting Mayor Michel Bezuijen said 50 people were injured, 25 severely, when flight 1951 crashed at 10:31 local time (0931 GMT) short of a runway at Schiphol, Europe's fifth-largest by passenger volume.
More resolved in its curved surfaces is Asymptote's 2002 HydraPier Pavilion--a prow-shaped exhibition space floating in an artificial pond, in Haarlemmermeer, the Netherlands.
A number of those detained in the building have said that the staff failed to respond to shouts for help, and according to Radio Netherlands the local authorities in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer have launched an independent inquiry into the cause of the fire.