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A city of northern Honshu, Japan, on the Pacific Ocean. It is a major fishing and commercial port.
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But at least six Japanese seaports handling international trade sustained major damage, including Hachinohe, Sendai, Ishinomaki and Onahama, and will be out of action for some time.
The biggest port on the north-east coast, Sendai, has been destroyed while three others - Hachinohe, Ishinomaki and Onahama - were severely damaged.
The team has uploaded 30 megabyte PDFs of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and the cities of Hachinohe and Kesennuma to the U.
Exception: Below outports cannot be accepted due to Tsunami strike; Sendai (Miyagi), Hachinohe, Ofunato, Hitachinaka, Kashima," said MSC JAPAN K.
Moller-Maersk, and which has its UK headquarters in Liverpool, said in a weekly news bulletin that it suspended service to Sendai, Onahama and Hachinohe.
My wife Seika is from Hachinohe, which is not very far from here," Sergeant Russell said.
NOE will receive the Gorgon LNG at 'Hachinohe LNG Terminal' which is currently under construction in Hachinohe City, Aomori, Japan (scheduled to start up its operation in April 2015).
Captain Ed Dickerson and his 30-person crew plus a Navy dive team aboard rescue and salvage ship USNS Safeguard were assigned to help clear the northern Japanese port of Hachinohe.
on Tuesday launched commercial operation of a mega-solar power plant in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture.
6 magnitude centered 84 miles east-southeast of Hachinohe, Japan, and 364 miles north-northeast of Tokyo just after 7 a.
Surging water had reached his front door at the Hachinohe fishing port in Aomori Prefecture, breached a processing plant, and destroyed a 300-ton fishing vessel.
Mick Naisbitt was stuck on a ship off the coast of Hachinohe - surrounded by floating debris from a tsunami.