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A city of northern Honshu, Japan, on the Pacific Ocean. It is a major fishing and commercial port.
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Oceanography Division, Tohoku National Fisheries Research Institute, Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency, 25-259 Samemachi, Hachinohe, 031-0841, Japan
The boiler will be deployed for MPM Oji Eco Energy Corporation (MOE) at the Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited facility n Hachinohe city, Aomori prefecture in Japan.
Software and solutions company Intergraph announced on Thursday that Japanese shipbuilder Kitanihon Shipbuilding (Kitanihon) has chosen Intergraph's Smart 3D design solution to be used for Kitanihon's hull and outfitting design on all new projects at its shipyard in Hachinohe City.
The first runs will be on the 65-kilometer Hachinohe Line on the Pacific coast in northeastern Japan that was partially damaged in the 2011 quake and tsunami.
Prevalence of Giardia intestinalis and other zoonotic intestinal parasites in private household dogs of the Hachinohe area in Aomori Prefecture, Japan in 1997, 2002 and 2007.
Surging water had reached his front door at the Hachinohe fishing port in Aomori Prefecture, breached a processing plant, and destroyed a 300-ton fishing vessel.
Mick Naisbitt was stuck on a ship off the coast of Hachinohe - surrounded by floating debris from a tsunami.
on Tuesday launched commercial operation of a mega-solar power plant in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture.
Hachinohe was an intriguing area to visit and one of the cities that was hit by the Tsunami in March earlier this year.
In 1995, Zurfluh was injured while a passenger on a motor vehicle in Hachinohe, Japan.
6 magnitude centered 84 miles east-southeast of Hachinohe, Japan, and 364 miles north-northeast of Tokyo just after 7 a.