Hackensack River

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Hack·en·sack River

A river rising in southeast New York and flowing about 50 km (32 mi) south through the New Jersey Meadowlands to Newark Bay.
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The Hackensack project will be a billboard location just off the Interstate 80 bridge crossing the Hackensack River.
Located adjacent to the Hackensack River waterfront, Building 197 will feature 36-foot ceilings, 700-pound floor loads, and five loading docks per module.
Several activists and researchers who have spent much of their adult lives studying Hackensack River pollution and fighting for a cleanup are deeply pessimistic the river will be added to the Superfund program now that President Trump has proposed extensive cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency.
These three reservoirs were created with the damming of the Hackensack River and Pascack Brook.
The tidal surge up the swollen Hackensack River started just after midnight, and there was little time for the unprepared towns of Little Ferry, Moonachie and Carlstadt to rouse their roughly 19,000 residents and urge them to seek higher ground.
lite) NBC News that the flooding was the result of water overflowing the banks of the Hackensack River.
The couple were in Geelong when they discovered the Ballarine Echo and had their picture taken next to the Geelong Advertiser * Ken Baker, from Adamsdown, Cardiff, and friend Lyn Mullet, pictured with their Echo, near the Hackensack River, Secaucus, New Jersey * Derek Ruddock, from St Mellons, Cardiff, had a surprise cruise to the Far East for his 70th birthday and is pictured in Nagasaki, Japan * Marion Davies, of Penarth, sent in a picture of husband David taken on their cruise of the Norwegian fjords in Staranger outside the maritime museum * Brothers Liam and Jac Davies with the Echo while on holiday with their grandparents in Cyprus.
25 million, respectively, in a seven-acre property adjacent to the Hackensack River in New Jersey, along with four other major-leagers.
After my friend took me to the bridges in Passaic, we drove over to Secaucus to the marina behind the Red Roof Inn on the Hackensack River to wait for the captain.
Stanford Hall of North American Birds, you can see birds in their habitats, including a once-thriving flamingo colony in the Bahamas, bobolinks on the banks of the Hackensack River in New Jersey, and spoonbills wading in the Florida Everglades.
They show the underside of Riverside Drive at 136th Street; the interior and exterior of a barn in Marfa, Texas; the New York Guggenheim covered with scaffolding; and such New York City sites as Under the J Line at Alabama Avenue (2007) in which the subway curves above the almost empty street, and The Pulaski Skyway Crossing the Hackensack River (2007) which shows the highway framing a power plant and its reflection in the river.