n.1.A bully; a bravo; a ruffian; an assassin.
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The contest will be hosted by the world's largest hardware creation community, hackster.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Hackster, the online hardware creation platform is hitting the road for Hackster Hardware Weekends.
With the help of partners such as Intel, Freescale, SparkFun, Microsoft and SoftLayer, Hackster is helping makers build internet connected devices that will change how we work, play, and live.
No one has been able to turn our DeLorean into a working time machine, yet," said Hackster co-founder Adam Benzion, "but we've already seen some incredibly innovative ideas and we're looking forward to seeing what the other developers will come up with as we continue our tour.
In total, Hackster will be handing out more than $30,000 in cash and prizes while providing an immeasurable amount of inspiration and experience.
For more information on Hackster Hardware Weekends visit: http://www.
Together, Hackster and Dragon Innovation are going to help makers beat the odds and turn their ideas into successful businesses.
With Dragon Certified, inventors on Hackster can take the first step towards commercializing their products with detailed feedback from Dragon's world-class engineers.
We are thrilled to help the Hackster community 'de-risk' their creations with a special starter offer on Dragon Certified," says Scott Miller, co-founder and CEO of Dragon Innovation.
Starting today, hardware visionaries everywhere can benefit from Dragon Certified directly from Hackster with an exclusive offer.
How much help have HIPAA and HITECH really provided for healthcare organizations against hacksters and hacktivists?
1 and iPhone 6/6+ - for wreaking havoc on in car systems), GM Chevy App Shop Chopped (closed for remodeling and misquoted), Takata air bags recall and the media darling scare hacksters duo (Chirs Valesek and Charlie Miller).