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A person who uses computer hacking as a means of social reform or protest.

[Blend of hack and activist.]

hack′ti·vism n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) informal a person who breaks into a computer system in order to pursue a political or social aim
[C21: blend of hacker and activist]
ˈhacktivism n
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While the image, and the service name - NSAListener - suggest a hacktivist agenda, Asrar says the company has "not ruled out the possibility that additional malware may target financial transactions or other data.
com displayed an apparent tweet from the hacktivist
Included in this latest update: Plan B, 401(k), plasma TV, off-book, backlist, counterterrorism, Plato's cave, bar band, mash-up, Macarena, Texas Hold 'Em, pitchers' duel, speed dating, Pin code, Planet X, just war, blonde moment, Plantagenet, super-max, dirt bag, dust bunny, kazoo, J-pop, heroin chic, vibe, wazoo, freakazoid, hacktivist, air kiss and pissing contest.
Report Shows Record Growth for Malware and Rootkits; Major Hacktivist Activity
Hacktivist group Anonymous has warned the English Defence League (EDL) that the right-wing anti-islamic group will be "decimated" for its protests over the killing of soldier Lee Rigby.
the cyber-crime landscape, are hacktivist groups such as the Saudi and Israeli hacktivists.
If you are a willing hacktivist or a guy who just wants to protect the freedom of information then join the cause and kill Facebook for the sake of privacy.
According to a 1999 survey by the Computer Security Institute and the FBI, the average network is hit by a hacktivist 15-20 times each year.
Oliver Lavery, director of security research and development for nCircle commented: "It seems that even in a security oriented crowd not very many people are sympathetic with the agenda or methods of these new hacktivist groups.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The hacktivist group Anonymous took down the Turkish President's website, along with that of the country's ruling party, as operation #OpTurkey kicks off in support of the anti-government protests that have entered their fourth day.
Anonymous -- a loosely associated hacktivist collective -- claimed its Operation Last Resort was responsible for the shutdown of the U.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Members of the hacktivist movement Anonymous gained access to MIT's website over the weekend and published a statement celebrating recently deceased info activist ron Swartz, while attacking the justice system that stood to imprison him for decades.