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Noun1.Adad - Babylonian god of storms and wind
Babylon - the chief city of ancient Mesopotamia and capital of the ancient kingdom of Babylonia
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Earlier reports said that the army men stormed the Al-Nusra strongholds in Southern Aleppo and liberated the villages of Kafr Hadad, Ziyara al-Matakh, Warida, Zamar and Tal Warida.
We were handed the contract for waste management for the capital in June 2016 and after the six-month organisation period, we started development of this plan in co-ordination with the Capital Trustees Authority step by step," explained Mr Al Hadad.
Watson split with long-time coach Mauricio Hadad after Wimbledon and a link-up with former British No1 Jeremy Bates for the US hard-court season was only ever a temporary measure.
Watson has been working with American Chip Brooks after splitting with her coach of two years, Mauricio Hadad.
Hadad said the agency is ready to protect harmony in regulation for the expansion of sharia banking industry to attract more clients.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said regime airstrikes Sunday killed an unspecified number of people in the village of Hadad in the northeastern province of Hassaka.
Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Jumaa Al Hadad, of the Forensic Science Department at the Abu Dhabi Police said that the capital's police is using advanced technologies in spotting counterfeit and fraud and is a field with highly qualified employees.
Mauricio Hadad, e I was playing so aid, 'This is to I d n , t "My coach, Mauricio Hadad, had told me I was playing so well and said, 'This is your week to win' - so I got gold crowns on my nails, and it worked.
We received a call about a horrible incident when the arm of a labourer got stuck in the machine and then his arm was totally chopped from the shoulder," said Brigadier Yaquob Abdullah Al Hadad, head of Deqdaqa Police Station said in a statement.
The Liberation and Development Bloc MP's words came during a meeting with Marjeyoun Greek Catholic Bishop George Hadad, who visited him in the company of the region's municipality heads and representatives.
Ali Larijani, a loquacious 55-year-old regime insider whose brothers also hold key posts, fought off a challenge from Gholam Ali Hadad Adel, a 67-year-old former speaker who advocated a more moderate approach to Ahmadi-Nejad's government.
Additionally, officials said gunmen shot Judge Munir Hadad in his hand during a drive-by shooting on a highway in central Baghdad in a failed assassination attempt.