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(ˌhɑːdrəˈmɔːt) or


(Placename) a plateau region of the S Arabian Peninsula, in SE Yemen on the Indian Ocean; formerly in South Yemen: corresponds roughly to the former East Aden Protectorate. Area: about 151 500 sq km (58 500 sq miles)


or Ha•dra•maut

(ˌhɑ drəˈmoʊt)

a region on the S coast of Arabia, on the Arabian Sea, in the Republic of Yemen.
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Hadi has vowed to give the control of Hadhramaut province to Al-Qaeda in lieu of taking full control over Aden, the Arabic-language Al-Akhbar newspaper reported.
Dujarric said, "The effects of the cyclone may be felt over large parts of Yemen but are likely to be more severe in the coastal governorates Shabwah and Hadhramaut.
The UAE will also provide electrical equipment for the public network and 140MW to the stations in Hadhramaut, Mahram, Socotra and Shabwah.
The Bin Mahfouz family is a well connected clan in Saudi Arabia which originates from Hadhramaut in south Yemen.
One such donor is a company called Treem from Hadhramaut in south Yemen.
The 64 year old hostage was working as a petroleum engineer in Yemen when he was kidnapped in Hadhramaut Governorate.
Antar A, a citizen from Hadhramaut, said: "We have been stuck here in front of the embassy for over 15 days without a solution.
The students were pursuing traditional Islamic religious course at Dar Al Mustafa madrassa in Tarim, a historical town in the Hadhramaut Valley of South Yemen, known as the theological, juridical, and academic centre.
The failed attempt to rescue the hostage took place on November 26 at a cave complex in the remote Hadhramaut province.
It is effectively divided into at least four segments: the north where Houthis form the biggest armed group; Aden and part of the south, where the secessionists of the Al-Hirak movement have most of the guns; the Hadhramaut, where jihadists linked to Al-Qaeda are on the rampage; and finally, a few isolated pockets where tribal chiefs still exercise some authority.
The other runs in the restive province of Hadhramaut.
The QR168,635 worth of equipment was funded by QRC, in co-operation with Yemeni Ethar Social Development Foundation, which conducted the purchasing and delivery to Al-Saqifa Medical Center and Al-Shoaba Health Unit in Hadhramaut