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(ˌhɑːdrəˈmɔːt) or


(Placename) a plateau region of the S Arabian Peninsula, in SE Yemen on the Indian Ocean; formerly in South Yemen: corresponds roughly to the former East Aden Protectorate. Area: about 151 500 sq km (58 500 sq miles)


or Ha•dra•maut

(ˌhɑ drəˈmoʊt)

a region on the S coast of Arabia, on the Arabian Sea, in the Republic of Yemen.
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The latest developments in Hadramut show that terrorist organisations like Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula already rooted in Somalia and more recently also DAESH are benefitting from the vacuum of state authority to regroup.
Director General of Post Office of Hadramut valley and desert ,Ibrahim Ba-shuaib, explained to Saba that 12 militants riding a car stormed on Tuesday evening the post office in Hura town after they fired at the office guard who died immediately.
It seems more likely that Arab traders, who are known to have established long-distance trade networks involving some thousands of kilometres along the western rim of the Indian Ocean, from Sofala in the south to the Red Sea in the north and beyond to the Hadramut, India and even China from about 900 AD, [28] are more likely linked with the ancestry of the non-African founding males of the Lemba/Remba.
In the east of the country meanwhile, an official who requested anonymity, gave AFP details of the drone attack, which he said had happened near the village of Al-Qotn, in the province of Hadramut.
This is in addition to large quantities of relief materials to be purchased from the local markets in Eden, Abyan, Lahaj and Hadramut.
Osama bin Laden, whose family comes from Yemen's Hadramut region, also fought there and later formed al Qaeda.
The official said the appeals court on Sunday overturned the death sentences of two other militants from the same cell who were convicted of attacks on police in southern Hadramut Province, and sentenced them to 12 years each instead.
The strike also was observed in the southern towns of Habilain in the Lahej region and Lawder and Moudiya in Abyan, but not in the former southern capital of Aden or other towns in the Hadramut region, witnesses said.
Before that, the security forces succeeded in killing Hamza al-Quaiti and some of his friends in Tarim, Hadramut.
We will liberate the land of Islam between Hadramut (southeastern Yemen) and the Sham (Syria)," they shouted.
We will liberate the land of Islam between Hadramut (southeast Yemen) and the Sham (Syria)," they shouted.