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 (hĕk′əl), Ernst Heinrich 1834-1919.
German philosopher and naturalist who supported Darwin's theory, mapped a genealogical tree relating all animal life, and developed the maxim "Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny."


(German ˈhɛkəl)
(Biography) Ernst Heinrich (ɛrnst ˈhainrɪç). 1834–1919, German biologist and philosopher. He formulated the recapitulation theory of evolution and was an exponent of the philosophy of materialistic monism
Haeckelian adj


(ˈhɛk əl)

Ernst Heinrich, 1834–1919, German biologist and philosopher of evolution.
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Noun1.Haeckel - German biologist and philosopherHaeckel - German biologist and philosopher; advocated Darwinism and formulated the theory of recapitulation; was an exponent of materialistic monism (1834-1919)
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For example, as I will show below, Bailey and his followers worked within a Haeckelian "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" framework, never citing an explicit cause for the Trends beyond a conflation of evolutionary thinking with notions of inexorable progress.
Thus mechanisms of repetition which, according to Haeckelian theory, work at the level of the species, are carried over to the individual's experience.
The Haeckelian recapitulation theory or biogenetic law, which has been discredited in its absolute form, finds quite impressive correspondence in caudal fin evolution.