(hĕm´ô`skōp or hē´mô-)
n.1.(Physiol.) An instrument devised by Hermann, for regulating and measuring the thickness of a layer of blood for spectroscopic examination.
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hemostatic analyst hemostasis analyzer system teg-5000, haemoscope corp.
Thromboelastography was performed with a computerized thromboelastograph (TEG 5000 Hemostasis Analyzer, Haemoscope Corporation, Niles, IL, USA) 60 minutes after the sampling.
These samples were sent to the hemostasis laboratory and thromboelastography was performed within 3 h after blood collection according to the manufacture's instruction (TEG 5000, Haemoscope Corporation, Heamoscope, illinois, USA) by trained technicians of the hospital.
Thrombo--elastograms were performed at baseline on a sub-population (N=11) using the Haemoscope Corporation TEG Hemostasis analyser.
2% trisodium citrate were evaluated by TEG within 30 to 120 minutes of collection (TEG 500 Thromboelastograph, Haemoscope, Niles, 1L, USA) by using the kaolincitrate technique according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
A Haemoscope TEG[R] 5000 coagulation monitor running two simultaneous channels was used for all TEG measurements.
We report the thrombelastography (TEG, Haemoscope, IL, USA) findings of a patient who developed a perioperative myocardial infarction and developed a severe systemic inflammatory response syndrome 48 hours after radical cystectomy.
Thrombelastography[R] (TEG[R] 5000, Haemoscope, Niles, IL, USA) provides a real time assessment of the viscoelastic properties of a clot as it forms ex vivo (27).
The 1 ml of blood was added to a vial containing a kaolin activator (REF 6300, Haemoscope, Skokie, IL, U.