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Noun1.Haemulon - type genus of the HaemulidaeHaemulon - type genus of the Haemulidae  
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Haemulon album, margate - a grunt with a red mouth that is found from Florida to Brazil
Haemulon aurolineatum, tomtate - found off the West Indies and Florida
cottonwick, Haemulon malanurum - of warm Atlantic waters
Haemulon parra, sailors choice, sailor's-choice - a grunt found from Florida to Brazil and Gulf of Mexico
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Haemulon arcuatum = Haemulon plumierii (La-cepede): White Grunt; p.
Nocturnal foraging habitats of French and bluestriped grunts, Haemulon flavolineatum and II.
For instance, Helfman and Shultz (1984) translocated French grunts Haemulon flavolineatum between populations and found that fish placed into established populations adopted the same schooling sites and migration routes as the residents.
As an example of the scientific value of these watercolors and sketches, see following accounts of Haemulon macrostomum under Haemulidae and Masturus lanceolatus under Molidae.
Distribution, abundance, and age and growth of tomtate, Haemulon aurolineatum, along the southeastern United States.
A study of the life history, ecology, and population dynamics of four sympatric reef predators (Rhomboplites aurorubens, Lutjanus campechanus, Lutjanidae; Haemulon melanurum, Haemulidae; and Pagrus pagrus, Sparidae) on the East and West Flower Garden Banks, northwestern Gulf of Mexico.
Food and feeding of the tomatate, Haemulon aurolineatum (Pisces, Haemulidae), in the South Atlantic Bight.
2 Squid 20 Haemulon flaviguttatum yellowspotted grunt 11 Selar crumenophthalmus bigeye scad 24 Fish species no.
The dominant species in descending order of abundance included Atlantic spadefish, Chaetodipterus faber; red snapper, Lutjanus campechanus; vermilion snapper, Rhomboplites aurorubens; hardhead catfish, Arius felis; blue runner, Caranx fusus; sheepshead, Archosargus probatocephalus; tomtate, Haemulon aurolineatum; and lane snapper, Lutjanus synagris.
Unidentifed snapper 79 Lutjanus synagris Lane snapper 80 Lutjanus vivanus Silk snapper 81 Ocyurus chrysurus Yellowtail snapper 82 Rhomboplites aurorubens Vermilion snapper Lobotidae, Tripletails 83 Lobotes surinamensis Tripletail Gerreidae, Mojarras 84 Gerres cinereus Yellowfin mojarra Haemulidae, Grunts 85 Anisotremus surinamensis Black margate 86 Anisotremus virginicus Porkfish 87 Haemulon album Margate 88 Haemulon aurolineatum Tomtate 89 Haemulon carbonarium Caesar grunt 90 Haemulon chrysargyreum Smallmouth grunt 91 Haemulon flavolineatum French grunt 92 Haemulon macrostomum Spanish grunt 93 Haemulon parrai Sailor's choice 94 Haemulon plumieri White grunt 95 Haemulon sciurus Bluestriped grunt 96 Haemulon spp.