Queen Charlotte Islands

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Queen Char·lotte Islands

An archipelago off the western coast of British Columbia, Canada, south of the Alexander Archipelago. It is separated from Vancouver Island to the southeast by Queen Charlotte Sound, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean.

Queen Charlotte Islands

pl n
(Placename) a group of about 150 islands off the W coast of Canada: part of British Columbia. Pop: about 6000 (latest est). Area: 9596 sq km (3705 sq miles)

Queen′ Char′lotte Is′lands

a group of islands in British Columbia off the W coast of Canada. 4500; 3970 sq. mi. (10,280 sq. km).
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Last year, Jasper Park returned the aging pole to Haida Gwaii and commissioned brothers Gwaii and Jaalen Edenshaw from those islands to carve a new one.
Racism is very, very real but it still does not give anyone the right to murder these women," said walker Bernice Williams, of Haida Gwaii, BC.
Haida Cultural Museum Kaay Linagaay, Skidegate, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada.
Boating is an adventure in itself, and Haida Gwaii has much to offer the adventurer.
Two such phoenix-like "Reconciliation Protocols" were signed in early December, 2009 with six Coastal First Nations and the Haida of Haida Gwaii.
The glass and cedar complex is modelled after a traditional Haida village, and houses a carving shed, canoe house, theatre, gallery and teaching centre, beside an expanded Haida Gwaii Museum.
Yn y rhaglen heno bydd modd i chi ail weld taith Bethan wrth iddi ymweld a rhai o ynysoedd pell yr Aleutian yn Alaska cyn teithio i Ganada ble y bydd yn cyfarfod a nifer o drigolion unigryw'r ardal gan gwrdd a chymuned o bobl frodorol yn Haida Gwaii.
I hated for the hunt to end, but I had nothing but good memories as the growing drone of the plane simply placed an exclamation mark at the end of a fantastic experience in the Haida Gwaii.
They were also her hosts sixteen years later when she returned on a second northern expedition to paint in Haida Gwaii (vi).
Cascade Mycological Society: Paul Kroeger presentation on "Island Biogeography and the Mushrooms of Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands)," 7:30 p.
Anne Laurel Carter splits her week between the Lower Mainland and the Haida Gwaii archipelago.