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An island of southern China in the South China Sea, separated from Leizhou Peninsula by a narrow strait. It constitutes China's smallest province.


(ˈhaɪˈnæn) or

Hainan Tao

(Placename) an island and province in the South China Sea, separated from the mainland of S China by the Hainan Strait: part of Guangdong province until 1988; mainland China's largest offshore island. Pop: 8 110 000 (2003 est). Area: 33 572 sq km (12 962 sq miles)



an island in the South China Sea, separated from the mainland by Qiongzhou Strait: constitutes a province in S China. 7,110,000; 12,430 sq. mi. (32,200 sq. km). Cap.: Haikou.
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Hainan Airlines said it will be launching a Beijing-Manchester route in June of 2016, the first nonstop service between the two cities.
rd], British local time, Hainan Airlines announced in Manchester, UK that the airline will be launching a Beijing-Manchester route in June of 2016.
Hainan Pumped Storage Power Generation has awarded a 57m contract to Alstom for the supply of advanced pumped storage power for a new power plant in Hainan Province, China.
HAINAN is the smallest and southern-most province of China and Hainan Island is the main island of the province.
Haikou, Ramadan 20, 1435, Jul 17, 2014, SPA -- Typhoon Rammasun is expected to make landfall in south China's island province of Hainan or coastal area of Guangdong Province on Friday, the Hainan provincial meteorological station said on Thursday.
New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry Features) Wed, Mar 19, 2014 - Hainan Airlines will take delivery of 27 aircraft this year that will help increase the number of routes it flies to the United States and Europe, a company executive said on Wednesday Mar.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Some 150,000 people have been evacuated after heavy rainfall has inundated villages and townships in South China's Hainan Province since Friday, local authorities said on Sunday.
A quick look at Hainan Airlines The smallest of the "big four", Hainan Airlines (airline code HU) is best known for its dozen-plus subsidiaries, especially daughter Hong Kong Airlines' all-business-class flights from Hong Kong to London.
US carrier American Airlines and Beijing-based Hainan Airlines announced on Thursday that the carriers have implemented a new codeshare agreement, effective for travel from 25 March 2012.
Etihad Airways has commenced codeshare flights with Hainan Airlines of China, making the agreement its first ever codeshare with a Chinese carrier.
In 2011 the authors examined additional specimens of Dryinus from Hainan Province, China, and have found one new species described herein.
LUFTHANSA SUBSIDIARY, LSG Sky Chefs has opened two new joint venture facilities at Lanzhou and Urumqi Airports in partnership with the Hainan Airlines Group.