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A city of northeast Vietnam on the Red River delta near the Gulf of Tonkin, established in 1874.


(Placename) a port in N Vietnam, on the Red River delta: a major industrial centre. Pop: 1 817 000 (2005 est)



a seaport in N Vietnam, near the Gulf of Tonkin. 1,447,523.
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Noun1.Haiphong - a port city in northern Vietnam; industrial center
Annam, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Viet Nam, Vietnam - a communist state in Indochina on the South China Sea; achieved independence from France in 1945
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Burns had had no personal knowledge of that affair, but positive evidence of it existed in the shape of a photograph taken in Haiphong.
The World Council on City Data Foundation Cities include: Boston, Toronto, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Guadalajara, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Helsinki, London, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Minna, Johannesburg, Amman, Makkah, Dubai, Haiphong, Makati, Shanghai, and Melbourne.
I would like to travel again with Somerset Maugham through Burma, down the Irrawaddy River on his journey from Rangoon to Haiphong.
As bombings near us on Hainan Island increased, our family of five escaped by Chinese junk in 1939 to Haiphong (then French Indo-China).
Rolling Thunder would creep steadily northward until it threatened the nascent industrial complexes in Hanoi and Haiphong, and North Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh, being a rational man who certainly prized that meager industry, would realize the peril to it and stop supporting the Viet Cong.
Their recommendations included air attacks against the infiltration route through southern Laos; strikes by carrier aircraft, Air Force fighter-bombers, and B-52s against airfields, the oil storage tanks at Hanoi and Haiphong, and then, in rapid succession, the remainder of a list of ninety-four North Vietnamese targets identified by American planners; and the immediate deployment of marines and soldiers to defend Da Nang, Tan Son Nhut, and Bien Hoa against future hit-and-run attacks.
Generally, everything that goes through Haiphong illegally probably then goes to Mong Cai" and into China, a United Nations official who monitors Vietnam's border told me.
Locach) and Siam entered the Gulf of Tonking and requested permission to trade on the Van Don islands, which are about 50 kilometres from Haiphong.
From Singapore, I will travel to Vietnam with visits in Haiphong and then Hanoi, where Vietnamese Defense Minister General Thanh and I will sign a Joint Vision Statement commit to do so.
As a playwright born in Vietnam, Don Nguyen saw dramatic possibilities in a New York Times story about an HIV-positive woman in Haiphong, a large port city near Hanoi, who started the country's first support group for infected women.
The new Vietnam production base is to be located at Haiphong, Vietnam, and has a land area of approximately 37,000 square metres and a planned floor area (phase 1) of approximately 12,000 square metres.
When the Navy employed mines in Haiphong in 1972, they were effective operationally and politically.