Hair Color

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Hair Color



  1. Black [hair] with only a few gray streaks like a timid motif running through it —Helen Hudson
  2. Blond as a Zulu under the bleach —Raymond Chandler
  3. Blond hair … like long uncut grass but no color —Rosellen Brown
  4. Braids, brown and shiny like a ripe hazelnut —Henry Van Dyke
  5. A carroty mass of hair flaming round his cheeks and crown like a brush fire —T. Coraghessan Boyle
  6. (Her long) chestnut hair was waving about like a curtain of silk —Francine du Plessix Gray
  7. Gray hair … like meringue —James Lee Burke
  8. Gray hair that looks like the head of an old worn-out wet mop left out to dry and bleach in the sun —George Garrett
  9. Gray hair, which he wore like a kind of silver beret —Robert Traver
  10. Hair a fading mixture of black and gray, like an afternoon storm —Laura Furman
  11. Hair … artificially streaked, as though someone had emptied a bag of feathers over her head —Lynne Sharon Schwartz
  12. Hair, as straight and red as ironed ketchup —Tom Robbins

    Redheads and their problems feature prominently in Robbins’ Life with Woodpecker, and this is one of several similes about red hair.

  13. Hair, black and shining like mica —Jean Garrigue
  14. Hair, black as a seal’s wet fur —Jean Garrigue
  15. Hair..bronze and silver like pear trees in full bloom —William Alfred
  16. Hair … dark and live as snakes —George Garrett
  17. Hair … had gray in it like streaks of milk —William Styron
  18. Hair [red] … like a fiery wick dipped in a well of incendiary sunlight —John Farris
  19. Hair … like Montana wheat planted in contours on a slope of hill —John Gunther
  20. Hair looks as if it had been stained with blueberries —W. P. Kinsella
  21. Hair, not just blonde, but radiating gold like a candleflame behind a window in winter —Stuart Dybek
  22. Hair … streaked like old piano keys —Reynolds Price
  23. (His head and his) hair … white like wool —St. John
  24. Hair … without definable color, as though it had very early begun to rehearse of its inevitable whiteness —Doris Grumbach
  25. Her locks were yellow as gold —Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  26. Her long hair was naturally a light brown, but the sun had bleached tawny streaks in it, like the stripes of a very old battle flag seen through imperfect glass —R. V. Cassill
  27. His white hair stood out from his head like the fur of an Angora rabbit —Thomas McMahon
  28. Long yellow hair like broken egg yolks spilling down all over her head —Helen Hudson
  29. Pale auburn with a touch of gold … like butter with paprika in it —John Gunther
  30. Red hair … all fluffed out, like her face lived in a pink cloud —Sharon Sheehe Stark
  31. Red hair … as glossy as plum-skins —Beverly Farmer
  32. Red hair like a curtain that would draw down like a shade —Shirley Ann Grau
  33. White hair … flecked all over with little rust colored dashes, like India ink put on with a fine brush —Willa Cather
  34. White hair like a cloud —Helen Hudson
  35. White hair made her face look like a rose in snow —L. P. Hartley
  36. White hair shone, like mountain snow —Percy Bysshe Shelley
  37. White-headed as a mountain —Thomas Hardy
  38. Yellow hair, like strands of gold —Anon line from early American ballad, “Locks and Bolts”
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Multicultural consumers are the main drivers of the Bigen Permanent Powder hair color product that is mixed with water.
Overall, shampoo sales rose 2%, conditioners were basically flat, and hair color was down almost 2 %.
For five years now, Watsons has been highlighting its hair color category, a subset under the hair care range, by holding promotions and in-store events.
With demand high and a broad palette to choose from, sales of salon hair color services rose 3.
Armed with over 15 years of hair care and styling expertise, the Pioneers of the brand - Adhuna Bhabani and Avan Contractor now prepare to take this vision a step further and have collaborated closely with the best Product Development team at Godrej to launch BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Color.
The "dumb blonde" stereotype simply is wrong, according to a study of Baby Boomers, which found that white women who said their natural hair color was blonde had an average IQ score within three points of brunettes and those with red or black hair.
Hair color accounts for more than 20% of the global hair care revenue.
com)-- Los Angeles based start-up Ugly Duckling announced today that it has just launched a new hair color line enriched with Argan oil.
After coloring your hair, you should choose a color preserving shampoo, which is gentle on your hair more than a clarifying or dandruff-fighting formula, that can strip away hair color with sulfates and harsh chemicals," she added.
However, a number of medical conditions can also cause a cat's hair color to change, says dermatologist William H.
However, other factors can also cause a change of hair color, says dermatologist William H.
George reveals to Diana how viewers can get Khloe Kardashian and Shay Mitchell's ombre hair color in just one hour.