Hair powder

a white perfumed powder, as of flour or starch, formerly much used for sprinkling on the hair of the head, or on wigs.

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References in classic literature ?
Dear boy," he returned, "there's disguising wigs can be bought for money, and there's hair powder, and spectacles, and black clothes - shorts and what not.
She found us here; and presented her uncongenial cheek, the little wrinkles in it filled with hair powder, to Dora to be kissed.
Amann highlights the impact of the new tax on hair powder in Britain in 1795.
Try Sexy Hair's Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing Powder ($11, ulta.
3 Bumble and Bumble's must-have hair powder is now available in red.
Located on the A696 road to Jedburgh, and about half a mile west of Newcastle Airport, the Badger dates back to the 1700s and was originally the private residence of a businessman who made his fortune from trading hair powder in the Napoleonic war.
I'm brunette so I use Bumble and Bumble's Brown Hair Powder, (EUR19.
If Strachan uses the lottery to suggest the synergy between advertising and national citizenship, in Chapter 5 he goes one step further--internationally--via the exploding market for hair oils that occurred in the wake of William Pitt the Younger's 1795 emergency wartime tax on hair powder.
Bar facts At the bar: Shipping Forecast, 15 Slater Street Liverpool L1 4BW Call me: 0151-709 6901 Pint pullers: Quick with the blokes sporting Kings of Leon-esque shaggy hair Powder rooms: ".
Since then successive governments have, in William Pitt's words, found Stamp Duty in its various forms to be "easily raised" and at various times slapped it on newspapers, insurance policies, gold and silver plate and hair powder.
Product: Umberto Gian-nini Glamour Diamond Mist Hair Powder Puff Price: pounds 5.