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Noun1.Parascalops - brewer's molesParascalops - brewer's moles      
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
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The mole sign within our study area could safely be attributed to Eastern moles because they are not sympatric with Hairy-tailed moles (Parascalopus breweri) in Canada, and summer and fall live-trapping efforts within Essex County (>500 trap nights) resulted in the capture of only Eastern moles.
Runs of star-nosed moles are usually deeper and less noticeable than those of hairy-tailed moles, except, at times, in well-watered golf courses.
Capture data on hairy-tailed moles (Parascalops breweri) and European moles (Talpa europaea) have suggested a tendency for more males to be captured during the breeding season (Eadie, 1939; Godfrey and Crowcroft, 1960; Skoczen, 1966).