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Noun1.Hakka - a member of a people of southeastern China (especially Hong Kong, Canton, and Taiwan) who migrated from the north in the 12th century
Chinese - a native or inhabitant of Communist China or of Nationalist China
2.Hakka - a dialect of Chinese spoken in southeastern China by the Hakka
Chinese - any of the Sino-Tibetan languages spoken in China; regarded as dialects of a single language (even though they are mutually unintelligible) because they share an ideographic writing system
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They staked their claim to the more prosperous, lowland farming areas so that when the ethnically distinct Hakka arrived later, they farmed more marginal, hilly land.
Li Qiao's heroes are Hakka people with their own language and their own "old country" in Guangdong.
The observations focused on the usage of several languages, including English, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Hakka, and Japanese.
Migrants of Hakka origin alone constituted millions who fanned out to several macro-regions in central and southern China from the seventeenth century onward.
Previously it had been decided to include Taiwanese (Hokkien) and Hakka, the two most widely used non-Mandarin Chinese dialects in Taiwan, as well as aboriginal languages in elementary and junior high school curricula from 2001, but it was still open whether the courses would be optional or compulsory.
He published notes on the Hmong and Loi languages (1892b and c), articles on the regional names of various plants, a long review of Maa Jiannjong's (1845-1900) Chinese grammar, lists of Hakka sayings and popular songs (shan'ge), and even a whole series of (not very good) rhymed English translations of classical poetry.
The population of Taiwan had increased eight-fold from 1660 to 1770 and was characterized by various ethnicities such as the Hakka and Quanzhou groups.
In 1837 Hong Xiuquan, unsuccessful aspirant to the lowest examination rank and from a Hakka ethnic background, had a vision that lasted several days and nights.
Traditional Hakka dishes include salt-baked chicken and baked, stuffed oysters.
Featuring 61 spa treatment suites, the spa takes its design inspiration from the traditional Hakka Earthen Fortress Villages of Southern China, which have been recognized as World Heritage Sites.
According to Lee, the 'language of gods' he created follows the phonetic principles of ancient languages and integrates different dialects such as Taiwanese, Hakka, the Suzhou dialect, and Cantonese, in which ancient Chinese phonetic elements have been largely preserved, to create that sense of historic remoteness.
Tenders are invited for Providing BT Road with Protection Wall at Ward No 12 and 13 Hakka Sahip Tharga road to Thettukadai Kaliyamman koil Street