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 (gī′jēn′, -jĭn′)
n. pl. gaijin
A non-Japanese person.

[Japanese : gai, outside, foreign (from Middle Chinese ŋuaj`) + jin, person; see jinriksha.]


n, pl -jin
(Languages) (in Japan) a foreigner
[C20: Japanese, a contraction of gaikoku-jin, from gaikoku foreign country + jin person]


(ˈgaɪ dʒin; Eng. ˈgaɪ dʒɪn)

n., pl. -jin (-dʒin; Eng. -dʒɪn)
Japanese. an outsider; foreigner.
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To them he was not and would never be considered a Hakujin (white person) and hence not wholly American according to the common conception.
This difference between her and nisei such as her husband draws the couple apart; as outraged as Yano is by his wife's affair with another man, his pain is all the more compounded because he is a hakujin, one of those he feels condemned him and his immigrant community to second-class status.