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Noun1.Halab - a city in northwestern SyriaHalab - a city in northwestern Syria  
Syria, Syrian Arab Republic - an Asian republic in the Middle East at the east end of the Mediterranean; site of some of the world's most ancient centers of civilization
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Meanwhile, the Syrian army targeted Fateh Halab terrorists' positions in Mansoura village in the Western countryside of Aleppo.
The aid will be delivered to Halab, Idlib, Reef Damascus and Hama areas.
At the other end of the scale, "I regularly frequent Al Halab for Lebanese food.
The army also attacked terrorists in Khan Tuman, al-Hader, Kifr Halab, Khalsah, al-Sheikh Ahmad, al-Muqbila, al0-Muflisa and Deir Hafer, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists and obliterating their hideouts and gatherings.
Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch reported the use of advanced Russian-made cluster bombs near the village of Kfar Halab in Aleppo.
His father, Ali was injured in a bomb explosion in Halab that killed 3 and injured 20.
Here's a video uploaded by Halab News Network showing the aftermath of the explosion:
The road to Quds doesn't pass by Jounieh, the road to Quds passes by Kalamoun, Deraa, Halab, HasakehA'" He added, "We side with Syria and we support Syria and the Syrian popular needs, We are against destroying the Syrian state and against takfiris for the sake of Syria, Lebanon and Palestine," said Nasrallah.
Mubarak surrounded himself with figures like Youssef Idris and Philip Halab and made sure to consult leaders of political parties at frequent intervals by convening one conference on the economy and others surrounding national dialogue.
Now, in summer, in northwest Syria, in the vicinity of Halab [Aleppo], the wind is predominantly from the west from the sea.
Hassib opened his first exhibition in 1980 in Arabic Cultural Centre in Hasaka, then in Halab, Damascus, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and the cities of Suleimaniyah and Hewler in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Comme toutes les villes marocaines, Fes a l'instar de Halab, terre de spiritualite, a offert au monde de nombreuses experiences artistiques aussi bien au niveau de la musique qu'au niveau de la culture en general dont l'influence a marque la vie intellectuelle a l'echelle mondiale.