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(French alevi)
1. (Biography) (Jacques François) Fromental (fromɛ̃tal), original name Elias Levy. 1799–1862, French composer, noted for his operas, which include La Juive (1835)
2. (Biography) his nephew, Ludovic (lydɔvik). 1834–1908, French dramatist and novelist, who collaborated with Meilhac on opera libretti


(a leɪˈvi)

Fro•men•tal (frɔ mɑ̃ˈtal) (Jacques François Fromental Élie Lévy), 1790–1862, French composer.
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Noun1.Halevy - French operatic composer (1799-1862)
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As far as the offensive side is concerned, if an all-out war is declared or evolves, we are able to strike at Iran in such a manner that Iran would not be in a position to continue the war, Halevy said.
Sullivan and Cromwell LLP, Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP and Gross Kleinhendler, Hodak, Halevy, Greenberg and Co.
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According to the Jerusalem Post, the city's district Police Commander Major-General Yoram Halevy had given the order.
Mayo Clinic has a very robust genomics research discipline, says Assaf Halevy, founder and CEO of 2bPrecise.
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Police chief Yoram Halevy said the attacker was "very mentally disturbed".
Today's acidification from CO2 is much more rapid," the Weizmann Institute's Itay Halevy said in the statement.
Micaela, la unica mujer virtuosa de la historia--quien es derrotada facilmente por Carmen--fue interpretada por Marcela Chacon: exquisito canto pero sin acabar de convencer actoralmente, lo cual hace que su personaje se antoje prescindible, de hecho es un anadido de los libretistas Meilhac y Halevy, y no aparece en la novela corta de Prospero Merimee.
The tribute by military intelligence chief Major-General Herzi Halevy at an international security forum followed years of veiled references by Israel to back-channel contacts with Gulf Arab powers - despite their lack of formal bilateral ties.
To substantiate, Major-General Herzi Halevy, the chief of the Israeli Intelligence Directorate, has expressed approval for Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud's policy towards Iran.
On May 31st, the show posted host Mehdi Hasan's interview with Efraim Halevy -former head of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency.