Half ape

(Zool.) a lemur.

See also: Half

References in classic literature ?
He seemed half man, and half ape, and yet not ape, and not yet man.
Toby Langford has used his maths and physics background to track the half ape, half mountain man.
This half ape, half human is thought to have lived 2 million years ago.
He was brought up by humans and was actually considered to be a hybrid - half man, half ape, so he became the touchstone character for me.
THE first Europeans were half man and half ape, skeletons have revealed.
Like all yetis he's half ape, half human, covered in coarse hair, about seven foot tall with huge plates like his Yank cousin Bigfoot.
If these experts can prove that there is a wholly different species of animal living in the mountainous regions of North America then they will be giving credence to other tales of an elusive half man half ape like creature.