Half price

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My heart fell down amongst my lungs and livers and things, and a hard piece of corn-crust started down my throat after it and got met on the road with a cough, and was shot across the table, and took one of the children in the eye and curled him up like a fishing-worm, and let a cry out of him the size of a warwhoop, and Tom he turned kinder blue around the gills, and it all amounted to a considerable state of things for about a quarter of a minute or as much as that, and I would a sold out for half price if there was a bidder.
I said I did not propose to be discriminated against on the account of my nationality; that he had just sold a diploma to this German gentleman, and my money was a good as his; I would see to it that he couldn't keep his shop for Germans and deny his produce to Americans; I would have his license taken away from him at the dropping of a handkerchief; if France refused to break him, I would make an international matter of it and bring on a war; the soil should be drenched with blood; and not only that, but I would set up an opposition show and sell diplomas at half price.
When he was down to his last quarter, Jurgis learned that before the bakeshops closed at night they sold out what was left at half price, and after that he would go and get two loaves of stale bread for a nickel, and break them up and stuff his pockets with them, munching a bit from time to time.
Dress Circle One Dollar; Children and Servants half price.
20 pupn - HALF PRICE on breaks starting Mar 19, 23, Apr 23, Jun 4, 8, 15, 18, 22, 25, Sep 24, 28, Oct 1, 5, 8, 12, 15.
50 pp per Summer break -Pass FREE on breaks starting Mar 2, 9, Apr 30, May 7, 14, Oct 12, Nov 2, 9 -Pass HALF PRICE on breaks starting Mar 12, 16, 19, Apr 23, Sep 24, Oct 1, 5, 8.
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