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(hăf′tĭm′bərd, häf′-) also half-tim·ber (-bər)
Having a wooden framework, often exposed, with brick, stone, wattle and daub, or other material filling the spaces.




(Architecture) (of a building, wall, etc) having an exposed timber framework filled with brick, stone, or plastered laths, as in Tudor architecture
ˌhalf-ˈtimbering n


or half′-tim′ber,

(of a building) having the frame and principal supports of timber and the interstices filled in with masonry, plaster, or the like.
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Adj.1.half-timbered - having exposed wood framing with spaces filled with masonry, as in Tudor architecture
timbered - furnished with or made of wood or timbers; "timbered walls"


[ˌhɑːfˈtɪmbəd] ADJcon entramado de madera
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Features include exposed brickwork, half-timbering and thick hand-hewn beams that top the main living areas.
Sadly the half-timbering went many years ago although there are still ancient fireplaces and chimneys.
The buildings' rectangular shapes, restrained decoration, and regular placing of windows were very different to the overhanging gables, decorated strips of windows, and black-andwhite half-timbering of earlier buildings.
The building's facade was designed as a replica of the 1621 Butcher's Guild in Herefordshire, England, with half-timbering on the second and third stories over a white stucco surface.
There are those conventional houses covered by their owners with half-timbering or elaborate (yes, vulgar) coloured stonework, or enhanced with an inappropriate (and usually illiterate) classical porch.
Why did some Craftsman houses have the half-timbering of a Tudor on top?
It is approached through an automated gate and over a long gravel driveway, gradually revealing an attractive facade of mellow brick and tiles with half-timbering and buttresses.
With the heavy chimneys and decorative half-timbering that give Tudor-style houses their medieval flavour, the property is a modern and well-appointed substantial family home that was actually built in 1933.
It was remodelled in 1900, when the half-timbering, French windows and balconies were added.
The vintage charm of cobbled fieldstone and half-timbering on the exterior was retained, while increasing square footage from 2,550 to 4,780.