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 (hăf′tōn′, häf′-)
1. A tone or value halfway between a highlight and a dark shadow.
a. A picture in which the gradations of light are obtained by the relative darkness and density of tiny dots produced by photographing the subject through a fine screen.
b. A picture made by such a process.
3. Music See semitone.


1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding)
a. a process used to reproduce an illustration by photographing it through a fine screen to break it up into dots
b. the etched plate thus obtained
c. the print obtained from such a plate
2. (Art Terms) art a tonal value midway between highlight and dark shading
3. (Music, other) music US and Canadian another word for semitone
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) relating to, used in, or made by halftone


(ˈhæfˌtoʊn, ˈhɑf-)

1. (in painting, drawing, graphics, photography, etc.) a value intermediate between light and dark.
a. a printing process in which gradation of tone is obtained by a system of minute dots.
b. the metal plate used in such a process.
c. the print obtained in such a process.
half′tone, adj.


Any photomechanical printing surface or the impression therefrom in which detail and tone values are represented by a series of evenly spaced dots in varying size and shape, varying in direct proportion to the intensity of the tones they represent. See also halftone screen.
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Noun1.halftone - a print obtained from photoengravinghalftone - a print obtained from photoengraving
engraving - a print made from an engraving
2.halftone - an engraving used to reproduce an illustrationhalftone - an engraving used to reproduce an illustration
engraving - a block or plate or other hard surface that has been engraved
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A halftoning technique is used to produce two-tone texture patterns as approximations of the original multi-tone images [1-6].
Halftoning es una tecnica de binarizacion de imagenes en escala de grises.
These features of halftoning can be also used for the reduction of the data flow of the images streamed in networks.
This book/CD-ROM set provides an integrated treatment of stochastic halftoning and digital printing.
What distinguishes the way the university's product exploits blue noise is the speed with which it is applied to halftoning.
A scientist with wide-ranging interests, Harrington also has worked on symbolic computation, taught computer science, and developed page description languages and methods for highlight color printing, image rendering, halftoning, color mapping and video image processing
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Agfa Balanced Screening is the result of years of research, development and experience, by Agfa, in the high-end of the graphic arts market," said Paul Delabastita, Agfa's R&D manager for color and halftoning.
6 billion RISC instructions per second, the PM-48 is optimized for image processing-intensive operations such as scanner correction, color space and resolution conversion, scaling, rotation, filtering and halftoning.