Parliament Hill

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Par′liament Hill′

1. the hill in Ottawa, Canada, on which the Parliament buildings stand.
2. the Canadian government or Parliament.
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Minutes after his arrival, the two African leaders exchanged views regarding the visit in the hall of honour in the presidential pavilion at Mongomeyen airport.
In recognition of Aboriginal Veterans Day, a plaque honouring Sergeant Thomas George 'Tommy' Prince of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry was installed in the Legislative Building Hall of Honour last November.
The Muscat Malayalees also honoured three other people: Shaji Sebastian for his selfless social service, Sensai Simson, who received the Hall of Honour award from the United States, the first in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the second in India to get this award, and M.
We also inducted two notable individuals into our Hall of Honour.
Now decades of hard work have paid off after he was inducted in the Martial Arts Hall of Honour at a ceremony at the Tropicana Casino Convention Hall in Atlantic City, USA, in recognition of his achievements.
At the end of the project, the museum will offer three impressive modules to its visitors: a new space within the Eastern Casemate of the Citadelle devoted to the history of the Regiment and to temporary exhibits; the old prison--currently occupied--will be transformed into a Hall of Honour devoted to the glory of the Regiment and its members; and the French gunpowder magazine will be transformed into a gallery to exhibit parts of the national war arts collection.
After arriving in Canada, the Unknown Soldier will lie in state in the Hall of Honour on Parliament Hill from Thursday evening, May 25, until early afternoon, Sunday, May 28.
First contact with a member of the Moroccan Government took place in the hall of honour in the Presidential Pavilion at the airport, where H.
It was also the occasion for our annual Loyalist Hall of Honour inductions.
The hall of honour at the airport was the setting for both figures to exchange their first impressions regarding the visit, with the intention of showing the good relations of friendship and cooperation that unite Malabo and Bamako.
In 2003 Gwen was inducted into Bay of Quinte Branch's Loyalist Hall of Honour.
The first meeting to exchange impressions between the two leaders took place in the hall of honour in the presidential pavilion at the airport.